Biologia, Bratislava 55/3: 249-258, 2000.

ISSN 0006-3088 (Biologia). ISSN 1335-6399 (Biologia. Section Cellular and Molecular Biology).


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Isolation and characterisation of Bacillus flavothermus strains from a hot spring in North-East Turkey.


Ali Osman Belduz*, Sabriye Dulger, Zihni Demirbag & Omer Erturk

Department of Biology, Faculty of Arts and Science, Karadeniz Technical University, 61080-Trabzon, Turkey; tel.: ++90 462 3772522, fax:++90 462 325 3195, e-mail:

* corresponding author

Received: December 10, 1999 / Accepted: March 6, 2000



Ayder Hot Spring located in North-East of Turkey was investigated with respect to presence of the thermophilic microorganisms. Based on phenotypic characteristics, all of the five aerobic isolates belonged to the genus Bacillus and grew optimally at 50-60 ˚C on nutrient agar. According to nutritional characteristics, total protein profiles, %G+C ratio and sequence of 16S rDNA gene, these isolates were identified as strains of Bacillus flavothermus with some differences from the reference strain. Their a-amylase and peroxidase activities were also investigated. These results showed that a-amylase activities of new Bacillus flavothermus strains differ from Bacillus flavothermus DSM 2641 and we found that Bacillus flavothermus DSM 2641 has low while 3 of our new isolates (AB03, AB04 and AB05) have high thermostable peroxidase activity.


Key words: thermophilic bacilli, Bacillus flavothermus, a-amylase, peroxidase activity, 16S rRNA.