Biologia, Bratislava, 56/Suppl. 9: 115-117, 2001.

ISSN 0006-3088 (Biologia). ISSN 1335-6399 (Biologia. Section Cellular and Molecular Biology).


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Superinfection with parasitic protozoon Toxoplasma gondii in twin sisters with latent toxoplasmosis.


Petr Hejnar1* & Petr Kodym2

1 Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Palacky University, Hnevotinska 3, CZ-77515 Olomouc, Czech Republic; tel.: ++ 420 68 5632406, fax: ++ 420 68 5632966, e-mail:

2 National Reference Laboratory for Toxoplasmosis, National Institute of Public Health, Srobarova 48, CZ-10042 Praha 10 - Kralovske Vinohrady, Czech Republic

* corresponding author

Received: December 28, 2000 / Accepted: April 23, 2001



Two cases of presumptive T. gondii superinfection in persons with latent toxoplasmosis are described. All sera were tested with commercial complement-fixing test (CFT). In selected samples, anti-Toxoplasma IgA, IgG and IgM antibodies were measured by ELISA using Test-Line (IgA, IgM), or Captia-Centocor (IgM) kits; IgG was measured by ELISA test designed in our laboratory. In the case of twin sisters at the age of 24, low titres of antibodies against T. gondii were repeatedly evidenced by CFT in the period 1995-1996. At the end of 1997 and in the first months of 1998, a significant rise of titres accompanied with positive values of specific IgM was detected in both patients. One of the sisters also showed positive IgA values. The presented results suggest a possibility of superinfection with T. gondii in persons potentially protected by anamnesis immunity.


Key words: T. gondii, latent toxoplasmosis, possibility of superinfection.