Biologia, Bratislava 54/Suppl. 6: 227-232, 1999.

ISSN 0006-3088 (Biologia). ISSN 1335-6399 (Biologia. Section Cellular and Molecular Biology).


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The effect of occlusion of the abdominal aorta on NADPH-d activity in the rabbit spinal cord.


Darina Kluchova*, Silvia Rybarová, Katarina Schmidtova, Maria Miklosova, Kvetoslava Lovasova & Frantisek Dorko

Department of Anatomy, Safarik University, Srobarova 2, SK-O4OO1 Kosice, Slovakia; tel.: ++421 95 6228866

* corresponding author

Received: January 7, 1999 / Accepted: October 5, 1999



Histochemical characterization of NADPH-d positive structures in the rabbit spinal cord during the normal and ischaemic conditions was performed. Strongly enhanced staining of NADPH-d positive neurons and their processes appeared in the superficial dorsal horn (laminae I-III), the pericentral region (lamina X) and mainly in neurons of the sacral parasympathetic nucleus at the end of 40 min of abdominal aorta ligation. These findings suggest that ischaemia causes increased production of NADPH-d/NOS enzyme in the lumbosacral spinal cord of the rabbit.


Key words: rabbit spinal cord, NADPH-d histochemistry, ischaemia.