Biologia, Bratislava, 59/3: 301-302, 2004






This time I would like to inform you briefly about the advances announced in my previous 2003 Editorial that concerned: (i) improving the editorial process; (ii) submitting the Invited Review articles; (iii) editing the Supplement Issues; and (iv) introducing the carriage charge.

      Editorial process. The editorial policy of our section of the journal resulted in the “accepted to rejected” ratio 1:1 for the manuscripts submitted in the year 2003. Our special thanks go to people, who kindly accepted the task to evaluate the manuscripts, our reviewers, whose names are listed below.

      Invited Reviews. It is our continuous task to acquire the reviews by the leading authorities written upon the invitations. Please help us by sending your nominations that are very welcome!

      Supplement Issues. I am happy to inform you that three supplements, based on scientific conferences, have been agreed to be published by our section of the journal: International Probiotic Conference, 15-19 SEP 2004, Košice, Slovakia (, The 9th Interdisciplinary Slovak-Czech Toxicological Conference, 15-17 SEP 2004, Píla-Èastá, Slovakia (, and The Second Symposium on the Alpha-Amylase Family, 3-7 OCT 2004, Smolenice Castle, Slovakia (

      Carriage charge. This moderate fee partly covers the handling and postage of the reprints. Corresponding author receives 30 reprints, one complimentary Issue of the journal containing the published article, and the electronic reprint in the PDF-format.

      The next step necessary for “surviving” Biologia, Bratislava in the time of electronic media is the challenge to make our journal fully available on the internet. You know that each of the three sections has its own web-site (our section Cellular and Molecular Biology can be found at:, but at present, also due to some copyright reasons, only abstracts and one or a few Free Sample Issues can be offered. It is our aim and hope that no later than from January 1, 2005, the entire Biologia, Bratislava will be published also in the electronic form as the abstracts and full-texts in PDF-format. This will encourage us to ask the PubMed® again to take Biologia, Bratislava into its indexing and abstracting services. This should definitively help the journal to reach the higher Impact Factor and attract more submitted manuscripts.



Stefan Janecek





Reviewers 2003


We would like to express our thanks to the following people who kindly act as referees

for the manuscripts received in 2003:


Dieter Adam, Munich, Germany

Garabed Antranikian, Harburg, Germany

Sian Astley, Norwich, UK

Balasz Barna, Budapest, Hungary

Dariusz Bartosik, Warsaw, Poland

Geoffrey J. Beckett, Edinburgh, UK

Gennady A. Belitsky, Moscow, Russia

Sharon G. Berk, Cookeville, TN, USA

Marianne Berwick, New York, NY, USA

Martina Bielaszewska, Münster, Germany

Marie-Claire Biol-N’Garagba, Oullins, France

Alf Botha, Stellenbosh, South Africa

Regina Brigelius-Flohé, Bergholz-Rehbrücke, Germany

Patrizia Brizzi, Sassari, Italy

Xin Jie Chen, Dallas, TX, USA

Biologia, Bratislava, 59/3: 301-302, 2004

Louis W. Chow, Pokfulam, Hong Kong, China

Marcello Ciaccio, Palermo, Italy

Bertrand Collard, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Joel Coulon, Nancy, France

Patrick J. Cozzone, Marseille, France

Milan Certik, Bratislava, Slovakia

Carme de Bolos, Barcelona, Spain

Marco Durante, Naples, Italy

Philippe Ellul, Valencia, Spain

Teresa W.-M. Fan, Louisville, KY, USA

Denise Freire, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

Carlos Garbisu, Deiro, Spain

Mary Catherine Glick, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Luca Guardabassi, Frederiksberg, Denmark

Jorg Heierhorst, Fitzroy, VIC, Australia

Bernard Henrissat, Marseille, France

Steve Hubbard, Dundee, UK

Alejandra Jaramilo, Cambridge, MA, USA

Jukka Jolkkonen, Kuopio, Finland

Nobuyuki Kamata, Tokushima, Japan

Milan Kettner, Bratislava, Slovakia

Hideki Kobayashi, Boston, MA, USA

Valentina Kon, Nashville, TN, USA

Prakash P. Kumar, Singapore, Singapore

Peter J. Lawson, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Shiyon Li, Corner Brook, NF, Canada

Ying-Ming Liou, Taichung, Taiwan, China

Christopher Lucarotti, Fredericton, NB, Canada

Nadezda Lukacova, Kosice, Slovakia

Gaynor Malloch, Dundee, UK

Sharbel W. Maluf, Porto Alegre, Brasil

Elena Maltseva, Moscow, Russia

Stefano Mancuso, Sesto Fiorentino, Italy

Angeles Manresa, Barcelona, Spain

Gottfried Martin, Freiburg, Germany

Eva Miadokova, Bratislava, Slovakia

Milan Miko, Bratislava, Slovakia

Teresa Mitakakis, Melbourn, VIC, Australia

Jaroslav Mokry, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Chiara Mondello, Pavia, Italy

Pedro Montilla, Cordoba, Spain

Haruhide Mori, Sapporo, Japan

Gudipati Muralikrishna, Mysore, India

Tomoe Negishi, Okayama, Japan

Makoto Nishiyama, Tokyo, Japan

Kabwe Nkongolo, Sudbury, ON, Canada

Tom G. Obrig, Charlottesville, VA, USA

Marco Oggioni, Siena, Italy

George O’Toole, Hanover, NH, USA

Bystrík Polek, Bratislava, Slovakia

Anna Poma, L’Aquila, Italy

John R. Porter, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Gerard Pujadas, Tarragona, Spain

Julius Rajcani, Bratislava, Slovakia

Colin Ratledge, Hull, UK

Agnes Rimando, University, MS, USA

Kengo Sakaguchi, Chiba, Japan

Raffael Schafrath, Halle, Germany

Renate Schmidt, Golm, Germany

Heike Schroder, Bremen, Germany

Jan Sedlak, Bratislava, Slovakia

Richard L. Siegler, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

B. Hayrettin Sirin, Manisa, Turkey

Mary Ann L. Smith, Urbana, IL, USA

Jaroslav Spizek, Praha, Czech Republic

Thressa C. Stadtman, Bethesda, MD, USA

Norbert Strater, Berlin, Germany

Birte Svensson, Copenhagen, Denmark

Alexandra Simonovicova, Bratislava, Slovakia

Antonia Srobarova, Bratislava, Slovakia

Satoshi Tahara, Sapporo, Japan

Barbara Thiem, Poznan, Poland

Kevin Towner, Nottingham, UK

Tun-Jun Tsai, Taipei, Taiwan, China

Dezider Toth, Bratislava, Slovakia

Takeji Umemura, Bethesda, MD, USA

Sripada M. Udapa, Aleppo, Syria

Tom T. M. Vandekerckhove, Gent, Belgium

Katarína Volkovova, Bratislava, Slovakia

Kenji Watanabe, Ibaraki, Japan

Henrik Westh, Hvidovre, Denmark

Ernst Wolvetang, Clayton, VIC, Australia

Katarzyna Wozniak, Lodz, Poland

Kuender D. Yang, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China

Marcel Zámocky, Vienna, Austria

George Zervakis, Kalamata, Greece

Guan Zhu, College Station, TX, USA